About us

First Aid Training Specialists

Blended First Aid Training was established in 2008 and has provided both blended and non-blended first aid training to many 1000's learners across the UK.

Our most popular courses are our Blended First Aid at Work and our Blended Paediatric First Aid courses.  We operate through a network of over 100 UK based training centres or deliver our courses on-site at your place of work.

We embrace different learning styles and aim to provide all of our learners the best possible learning experience.

Why Choose Blended First Aid Training?

  • Enjoyable and memorable training techniques that optimise learner recall and confidence
  • Qualified, experienced and dynamic trainers
  • Consistently receive 5-star review ratings from verified learners
  • State of the art eLearning option with online resources
  • UK wide Training Centres and On-Site Training
  • Fully accredited and monitored by CTQ
  • We meet all HSE / OFSTED / EYFS 2021 criteria
  • Trust & Reliability
  • Annual Online Refresher Courses

Benefits of Blended Training with eLearning

  • One day in the training room
  • Clients benefit because their staff are away from work for less time
  • Option for eLearning study to be completed in the learner’s own time 
  • Our eLearning requires the learner to pro-actively seek information and continually answer mini-quizzes – this ensures the learner understands and retains potentially life-saving information
  • eLearning helps to maximise learner recall and deal more effectively with emergency situations
  • Variety in eLearning interactive elements e.g. videos, animations, pictures, quizzes, click-and-reveal images 
  • 98% of our client choose and recommend blended learning
  • eLearning guarantees 100% consistency in the information provided 
  • Learners that misunderstand an issue can revisit any section of interest at any time
  • Slow or fast learners are not impeded by other learners and can study at their own pace
  • Blended training separates the practical face-to-face life-saving exercises from the majority of the theoretical topics – this provides focus and clarification
For a competitive quote or to find out more about our courses please call us on 0330 223 2015 or email hello@blendedfirstaid.co.uk